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This service aims to ensure the proper functioning of the different departments within the company, as well as an adequate internal coordination. The service includes a detailed description of all employment positions with corresponding functions in the company, both managerial and those of staff. We shall describe the responsibilities and specific tasks of the each member of the organization by defining in details their professional experience and specialization in a particular functional area.

Regarding the line management, we shall list all responsible positions for achieving the organization’s main objectives, the key functions to be executed for each of these positions, implement applicable labour agreement, define the recruitment specifications and the number of employees for each job, establish and organize work shifts for adequate day-to-day operations of the organization, and finally the remuneration packages corresponding to each group of employees. Directly working towards accomplishing the organization’s mission and goals is our overall policy in the area of human resources, where we establish plans for training and specialization for all staff members, the requirements for the promotion and advancement within the company, and all other issues related to company’s social commitment.

We shall also create an organization chart according to different areas of business activity and list all the employees occupying each individual job position. Should this not be possible, we would, at least, create a quadrant where the total number of employees can be seen and the department to which they belong.

We shall develop the following lines of work:

Hr planning. Ensures that the organization has the human resources needed both in quantity and in skills, behaviour and values required, in the right places and at the right time, so that you can meet the objectives.
Recruitment. This process will locate, identify, and attract enough qualified applicants to be selected.
Selection. We shall interview the applicants and recruit the most appropriate candidates.
Staff orientation and integration. Referred to the process of introduction of a new member in the workplace and in the organization.
Education and training. Guidelines are carried out to ensure that the new additions acquire the behaviours and values of the company.
Evaluation of performance. Measurements are carried out of the results and the work performances for the each job position.

The competitiveness of the Company depends to a large extent on the adequate organization of the capacities and skills of the employees and their optimal management.

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